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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  October 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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ring returned, and a disguised deputy catching drivers red handed... 9 news 4-30 starts now. good morning... happy friday eve.. i'm corey rose, here with gary, cheryl and marty.. marty -- we're getting absolutely
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both presidential
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looking ahead to november 8-th... and both - reminding voters how important their choice is. november 8-th... and both - reminding voters how important their choice is. hillary clinton spent her 69-th birthday campaigning in tampa yesterday.. and donald trump was in north carolina, courting the minority vote. today - donald trump's son, eric trump - will make several stops in colorado... starting at noon - he'll get a tour of colorado spring's "mount carmel center of excellence." he'll also host a roundtable discussion with veterans.. and hold rallies in el paso county and at colorado christian university
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the presidential hopefuls are concentrating on battleground states, in order to land that spot on pennsylvania avenue. with 12-days left until election day, millions of people have already taken advantage of early voting. an nbc target- smart analysis shows more than 10 million americans have already voted. the n-b-c wall street battleground analysis shows clinton up by nine in new hampshire and tied in nevada. the swing state of florida is also a tie. donald trump says things are looki good for him in the sunshine state. hillary clinton continues to urge people to vote for her, warning trump can still snag the oval office.
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obama will be campaining in the early voting state of north carolina. donald trump will be campaigning in ohio. apparently - a front yard campaign sign just won't cut it these days. now - campaigns are turning to texting... so - if you've gotten a political text message from a random number lately... you're not the only one. hundreds of you posted on our facebook page -- saying you've gotten the messages too. many of the texts say something along the lines of - "can we count on you to vote...?".. an robotic messages either -- many of the texts greet the person by name and use a casual tone.. a lot of voters say - they were surprised to find out that texting is being used to send direct political messages. provizer says campaigns get
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phone numbers from a number of places... like voter registration records where people do not ask to keep their info private. he says - the texting is free speech, especially since they seem to be personal, direct messages. as we've been reminding you all week -- the presidential race isn't the only thing you'll be voting on. voters will also see other federal, state, local races -- and the nine state later this morning..reporter tarhonda thomas takes a look at prop 107...and what it could mean for future state primaries. today, we will learn more about how making marijuana legal in colorado has helped the economy. we know it's a two-point-four billion dollar impact... and the report looks at much more. the report looks at employment, trends, taxe sand more. some of the things
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income... you can't fake marijuana regulation... tax revenue can be substantial... and more. we'll have more on the report as the day goes on. a father gives little pieces of advice - even the most trivial ones - that he'll never get to tell his children in person. police released video of travis mason doling out tips - not knowing - he wouldn't be there to give it in person. mason was shot to death in june while working as a guard at an aurora marijuana dispensary. mason left a wife and 3 children. this week - the reward for information about the case was increased to 50 thousand dollars. mason was murdered at the green heart dispensary on june 18th. police released surveillance pictures of two persons of interest - and need helping finding them. if you have information-- call crime stoppers at 720-913-stop. we all know it's not allowed..
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distracted behind the wheel - is all too easy. so - some arapahoe county sheriff's deputies got creative...and tried out their cosume skills a little bit early this year. since multi-tasking motorists can be hard to catch, arapahoe deputies wanted to get closer to the traffic. so they disguised one as a panhandler. but if you read the sign - there's no question.. it plainly says - "deputy looking for distracted drivers. " careless and distracted driving can include anything from checking your if you're caught and pulled over -- a careless driving ticket will cost you about 100 dollars. arapahoe deputies have done this before..even dressing as constuction workers one time. during 10 hours in disguise on wednesday - they handed out about
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solution.. 9news...working together to stop bullying. > you don't mess with broncos country. that's a message from superstar linebacker demarcus ware. he has this super bowl ring back this morning. and he's crediting denver police for their hard work in recovering the stolen keepsake. security cameras inside ware's house - recorded the burglars - while he was at monday night's game. police were tipped
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the arrest of suspects, billy mccaslin and sergio irreza. ware tweeted a big "thank you" to denver police for solving the case within 36 hours. ware spoke about the burglary. he said, the crooks better be thankful he wasn't home when it happened. they are no longer loveable losers this morning. the cubs won game two in the world the cubs won 5 to 1 at progressive field in cleveland against the indians. this is the cubs first win in a fall classic game in 71 years! kyle schwarber had something to do with the win, reaching base three times with two hits, a walk, and two r-b-i's. he debunked the notion that spring training is needed after being out for seven months for a knee injury. the world series is tied one to one. the cubs and indians will be practing at wrigley field today getting ready for game
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one family says - they're tired of amazon giving them the run around after a gadget that was supposed to be fun... caused them to lose their home. make sure to visit the best houses in your neighborhood - at about half past 7... that's when - supposedly - you'll walk away with the
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of a second floor window earlier this year -- after a hoverboard started a devasting house fire. now - that nashville, tennessee family is suing amazon..saying the re about the dangers of the overheating hoverboard. their home was destroyed in the january fire..and now, they're suing for 30 million dollars. the family says - they're suing amazon - and not the manufacturer - because amazon failed to tell them where the board came from. if you haven't started your holiday shopping yet -- you can go to walmart and just say you were waiting for some help. starting november fourth, walmart will have the "helpers" on hand.. their purpose -- is
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any items shoppers may have forgotten, and even help find the shortest checkout line. there will also be visits from santa! and online - shipping is free on orders of more than fifty dollars. there's really no good reason to leave this beautiful weather we're having, but if you're tryaveling out of denver anytime soon - buy your ticket now! air fares for flights out of d-i-a are nearing record low rates. our partners at the denver business journal report - that those fares are the second lowest in the airport's history. and when you compare them to the nation's other largest airports -- d-i-a offers the best prices of them all. one of the key reasons -- three airlines use denver as a hub -- and frontier tries to push fees down as an ultra low-cost carrier. apple is expected to make a big today.. but as usual...the
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tech experts have been speculating about new macbooks... there hasn't been a new macbook pro since we're pretty overdue. here's what leaked photos show. the function row could be taken away -- and replaced with a touch screen that you would swipe across - similar to what you do to unlock i-phones. guess we'll just have to wait and see.. ok, trick-or- treaters... your favorite house at 7-29 p-m... that's when you're going to score the most candy... even if you interrupt someone's netflix binge. netflix says - the amount of people pausing shows - shoots up 30 percent during trick or treating. more pauses - equal more candy... there's still time to
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but if you already went this year - we know you took some cute pictures.. share those with us - or tell us your favorite colorado pumpkin patch... use hashtag "be on 9" -- and we'll show some of those later.. some of those later.. mountain training is coming back to the national guard.. and this kind of training - has deep colorado roots. matt renoux introduces us to the 10th mountain on
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in colorado's mountains.. but it hasn't had much of a presence here in decades. now- the 10th is coming back- for a new training program with the colorado national guard. our man in the mountains matt renoux discussed the plans with an original 10th mountain member..
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original 10th mountain members helped develop colorado's ski resorts... which now bring in five billion dollars
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at a restaurant in indiana. we'll just call it dine and dash. this deer found out real quick, it got stuck in a place it didn't want to be... the aspen cafe. so it panicked, and darted for the closest exit. turns out, that was a window. but the deer didn't leave without creating a mess, crashing into a table, nearly running into a woman then, shattering a window on its way out. luckily no one was hurt - including the deer. halloween is right around the corner -- which means haunted houses are around the corner -- which means haunted houses are high on the must-do list. some of these houses are so frightening though -- that guests have to sign a medical waiver before heading inside... so what really happens to your body when you are scared out of your mind. we tell you, in our five o'clock hour. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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both candidates getting some extra help in the battle for swing states. the battleground states could be the end all be all -- with just 12 days left.. first lady michelle obama is joining clinton for the first time. and trump's son is visiting colorado.. and that visit to colorado will be a record temps today. the warm fall heat wave just keeps coming... good morning. corey, gary, and cheryl join you now. meteorologist marty coniglio is with us too. marty- just how warm will it get to today?...


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